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The skilled IT team provides IT support along with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology services that can help your business grow and succeed. From software development to web design, from network and computer maintenance to demanding cloud solutions

Expertise and knowledge necessary to achieve goals

Maintenance of the IT system

Constant care about your IT infrastructure

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Computer service

Disk replacement and Windows reinstallation in a day

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Network configuration

At all levels of the OSI model

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Cloud computing

We migrate everything from email to servers

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Of course, we cannot list all the IT services and IT services we offer. Every day, we maintain a large number of computers and various IT systems at business partners who have various requirements, such as support in the operation of G2B services (e-Tax, Fina, etc.) to the implementation of more complicated solutions. Feel free to contact us via the contact form and explain your situation

By contracting the maintenance of computers, servers, computer networks and all accompanying equipment, i.e. the entire IT system, you ensure a short response time to an intervention that can be anything related to IT in your company. From hardware issues to unplanned software bugs that lead to business downtime. We also give recommendations on how to improve and modernize the IT system and replace worn-out IT equipment.

Yes, while for some IT services it is important to be closer to the partner, others do not require intervention at the customer's location at all. Through remote support, we can solve almost all difficulties in the operation of computers or individual services, and other services such as web design, web application development and maintenance of cloud IT infrastructure are performed from our premises, without the need for frequent visits to you.

Secure communication and resources sharing between two or more branches

A VPN solution without monthly MPLS payments

Connecting two branch offices with secure vpn

Own VPN network with full control

Share resources and access to business critical application through a secure network. A secure VPN connection also enables the increasingly popular work from home.


Online store full of quality computers and network equipment for offices and demanding environments

We don't just sell the offered equipment, we have in-depth knowledge, we can install it if needed, service it, configure it and implement it.
Sales and implementation of Sophos network equipment and firewalls

Stopping threats before they enter the network

The key to successful business is to defend against more and more threats, the number of which only grows with the introduction of new technologies. We provide a sales service in the installation of firewall solutions as well as the proper sizing of switches for maximum utilization of the local network and the Internet. We also offer other network equipment that you may need in your business

  • Firewall
  • Switch
  • Wireless equipment
  • Passive equipment
A large selection of Windows 11 compatible devices
The right equipment is as important as a computer maintenance service

A wide selection of Windows 11 compatible devices

The IT equipment offered on the website was selected based on many years of experience, and can meet the needs of every office.

  • Multi-year guarantee
  • High compactability
  • Robust and durable
  • For business use
Online store where you can find all popular computer software and licenses
Work, be creative, but also be safe

The latest versions of popular software

Equip your new devices with the latest collaboration tools, including productivity tools, cutting-edge file sharing, spreadsheets, calling and video conferencing. Now is the time to choose the right productivity tool that will best suit your new device, whether it's a one-time purchase or a subscription.

  • Antivirus
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows
Lenovo thinkpad available now
For the most demanding tasks

Popular Thinkpad models available now

Laptops that are built for business, but with an added focus on economy and value. In the store you can find many laptops of famous brands

  • Lenovo
  • HP

No IMAP no POP3, it has never been easier to switch to Microsoft Office 365

From .hr domain registration, hosting, migration of existing messages to advanced Exchange mail server setup

Collaboration in real time

Microsoft Office 365

Stay connected and get everything done with Microsoft 365

Pay as much as you need, as you want. Annual or monthly installments for always updated versions of Word, Excel and Outlook

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Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Microsoft office365 or M365 price Croatia Select M365
Within budget
Exchange Online (Plan 1)
Exchange online plan 1 price for Croatia Select Exchange

No, we can work per call, but if you often do you need to call an IT specialist, then it is recommended for several reasons

Of course, we will be happy to look at your computer equipment and discuss modernization and possible cooperation

Da, osim pružanja svakodnevne informatičke podrške u održavanje IT sustava ulazi i briga o serverima u vašoj tvrtki

Providing quality IT support primarily to companies without their own IT department and providing Hands & Feet to companies that want to cooperate and/or have branches in Croatia

Yes, we made the website you're on right now, and we can make yours too! We deal with programming, web design and IT in general

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Starlink - satellite internet for locations where landline is bad

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Advantages of original software

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Google Workspace - the future of business

Google Workspace - the future of business

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